Opel Corsa B, Combo, Tigra

Since 1993-2000 of release

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Opel Corsa B, Combo, Tigra
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   Checks of levels of liquids
   Check of a condition of tyres and pressure of their rating, rotation of wheels
   Replacement of impellent oil and the oil filter
   Check of a condition and replacement of a belt of a drive of auxiliary units
   Removal of a sediment from the fuel filter of the diesel engine
   Check of a condition and replacement of the hoses located in an impellent compartment
   Check of a condition of components
   Check, service and gymnastics
   Check of a condition and replacement of brushes
   Check of system of release of the fulfilled gases
   Check of brake system
   Electric equipment check
   The control of a condition of an anticorrosive covering of a body and the car bottom
   Check and adjustment of turns of idling and the maximum turns
   Replacement of a filtering element
   Check and service
   Replacement of the fuel filter
   Check of structure of the fulfilled gases
   Greasing of locks, loops and emphasis
   Survey of components of a suspension bracket
   Check and adjustment клапанных backlashes on the diesel engine
   Replacement of spark plugs
   Check of adjustment of a pedal of coupling
   Replacement of a brake liquid
   Replacement ATF
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Replacement of spark plugs

In electronic system of ignition, the high voltage is generated very much! Be attentive, observe all necessary safety measures at service of any components of system, including not only the cores (the ignition module, the coil and ВВ wires), but also and accompanying, such as candle sockets, a tachometre and the other equipment. Persons with implanted кардиостимулятором to be supposed to service of components of system of ignition should not!

Correctness of functioning of spark plugs appreciably defines efficiency of return of the engine. It is important, that on the engine candles of corresponding type (Options and car routine maintenance see) have been established. Necessity for off-schedule service of spark plugs arises extremely seldom provided that actually the engine is in good repair. In order to avoid casual damage of electrodes, it is not necessary to make cleaning of candles without application of the special equipment.

In most cases for replacement of spark plugs presence of a special candle head (with the elastic loose leaf inside) complete with a ratchet drive is necessary, and also a set for a safe detachment of tips ВВ of wires from shafts of spark plugs the special tool though its application and is not strictly obligatory also is issued. Use динамометрического a key will allow to achieve correct effort of a tightening of candles.

The tools necessary at replacement of spark plugs

1 — the Candle head - Is equipped by the special elastic loose leaf excluding possibility of casual damage of a porcelain insulator at a reversing of a candle.
2 — the Dinamometrichesky key - without entering into number of obligatory tools, provides a reliable guarantee of correctness of effort of a tightening of spark plugs.
3 — the Ratchet drive - Is applied in the complete set with a candle head and динамометрическим a key.
4 — the Extension piece - Depending on model and a complete set access to spark plugs can be limited by its auxiliary units in various degree, therefore application of extension pieces of the corresponding form and a design will allow to facilitate procedure performance appreciably.
5 — the Tool for measurement and updating of interelectrode backlashes of spark plugs - Is issued some this sort of types of tools - make sure that the tool is completed щупом, to backlashes of candles of your car corresponding on the size.

Coal adjournment
Symptoms: soot Presence specifies in reenrichment of a toplivno-air mix or weak intensity of a spark. Causes ignition admissions, complicates start and leads to instability of work of the engine.
Recommendations: whether Check up the air cleaner is hammered, whether fuel level in поплавковой to the chamber is not too high, whether is jammed air заслонка and whether contacts are not too worn out. Try to use candles with longer insulator that raises resistibility to pollution.

Symptoms: zamaslivanie candles it is caused by deterioration маслоотражательных caps. Oil gets to the combustion chamber through worn out directing valves or piston rings. Causes ignition admissions, complicates start and leads to instability of work of the engine.
Recommendations: Make a mechanical recovery work and replace candles.

Symptoms: the Porous, white insulator, erosion of electrodes and absence of any adjournment. Leads to reduction of service life of a candle.
Recommendations: whether Check up corresponds to requirements of Specifications (in the Head of Adjustment and car routine maintenance) калильное number of the established candles, whether the corner of an advancing of ignition is correctly exposed, whether too poor toplivno-air mix moves, whether there are no leaks of vacuum of the inlet pipeline and whether valves are jammed. Check up as level of a cooler and whether the radiator is corked.

Too early ignition
Symptoms: Electrodes are melted off. The insulator has white colour, but can be and is polluted owing to admissions of ignition or hit in chambers of combustion of extraneous particles. Can lead to an engine exit out of operation.
Recommendations: Check up калильное number of the established candles, a corner of an advancing of ignition, quality of a mix (whether it is not too impoverished), whether the system of cooling is corked and whether the greasing system normally functions.

Electrospending luster
Symptoms: the Insulator has yellowish colour and the polished kind. Speaks about sudden rise in temperature in combustion chambers at sharp acceleration. Usual adjournment are thus melted off, taking a form of a varnish covering. Leads to ignition admissions at high speeds of movement.
Recommendations: Replace candles (colder, at preservation of a manner of driving).

Short circuit of electrodes
Symptoms: the Waste of products of combustion gets to interelectrode space. Firm adjournment accumulate, forming a crosspiece between electrodes. Leads to ignition refusal in the cylinder.
Recommendations: Remove adjournment from interelectrode space.

Candle normal state
Symptoms: Gray-brown colour and easy deterioration of electrodes. The kalilnoe number of candles corresponds to type of the engine and its general condition.
Recommendations: At replacement of candles establish candles of the same type.

Symptoms: Soft brownish colour of adjournment on one or both electrodes of a candle. A source of their formation are applied additives to oil and-or fuel. Excessive accumulation can lead to isolation of electrodes and cause admissions of ignition and astable work of the engine at acceleration.
Recommendations: At fast accumulation of adjournment change маслоотражательные caps that will prevent oil hit in combustion chambers. Try to replace fuel mark.

Symptoms: the Rounding off of electrodes with a small congestion of adjournment on the working end. Colour normal. Leads to difficulty of start of the engine in cold damp weather and to increase of the expense of fuel.
Recommendations: Change candles on new, the same type.

Cимптомы: Insulators can appear chopped off or треснутыми. The inaccurate technics of adjustment of a candle backlash can result In insulator damage also. Can lead to damage of pistons.

Symptoms: After admissions of ignition during a long time interval of adjournment can be loosened at preservation of working temperature in the combustion chamber. At high speeds of adjournment in flakes come off the piston and stick to a hot insulator, causing ignition admissions.
Recommendations: Replace candles or smooth out and establish into place the old.

Mechanical damages
Symptoms: Can be caused hit of extraneous materials in the chamber of combustion or arise at piston blow about too long candle. Lead to refusal of functioning of the cylinder and to piston damage.
Recommendations: Remove from the engine extraneous particles and-or replace

Engines OHC of 1.2 and 1.4 l

For simplification of installation mark ВВ wires with a tape according to sequence of cylinders with 1 on 4. Sometimes corresponding marks can already be available on ВВ wires.


  1. Disconnect ВВ wires from spark plugs. Thus pull only for the tip, instead of for a cable or take advantage of a special stripper.
  2. Turn out spark plugs by means of a corresponding candle key. Thus watch that the key did not warp since it can lead to destruction of ceramic isolation of a candle. Company Opel recommends to apply to this purpose head HAZET 900KF in the size 20.8 mm.

In thermoprotective tubes (engines since 09.1994 вып.) spark plugs with шестигранником on 16 mm, as at engine DOHC are established.

  1. Verify the turned out candle with the card of conditions resulted on a photographic insert that will allow to estimate the general condition of the engine qualitatively.
  2. Before candle installation make sure that the carving tip is densely screwed, and a carving on the case and an external surface of a candle are well cleaned.
  3. Installation is made upside-down. Tighten spark plugs with effort of 25 Nanometers.

Engines DOHC of 1.4 and 1.6 l


  1. Uncover маслозаливной mouths.
  2. Turn out bolts (1) and extend lock laths of cover ВВ of wires from rubber laths (2) on a head of cylinders Cast away cover ВВ of wires and remove it.

Removal of lock laths of cover ВВ of wires

  1. Close a cover маслозаливной mouths.
  2. Remove hoses PCV (1) and (2).

Removal of hoses PCV

  1. Disconnect ВВ wires from spark plugs by means of a stripper which is on one of spark plug sockets.

Detachment ВВ of a wire from a spark plug by means of a stripper

  1. Spark plugs on engines DOHC are deeply drowned in candle niches, therefore for their reversing the extension piece of a drive of a key is required. Having put on a candle a head, connect a drive and, accurately rotating a collar counter-clockwise, turn out a candle.

Reversing of a spark plug from a deep niche by means of a special key
1 — Vorotok with a ratchet drive
2 — the Extension piece
3 — Kardannyj the hinge
4 — the Candle head with the elastic loose leaf
5 — the Spark plug

  1. Verify the turned out candle with the card of conditions resulted on a photographic insert that will allow to estimate the general condition of the engine qualitatively.
  2. Before candle installation make sure that the carving tip is densely screwed, and a carving on the case and an external surface of a candle are well cleaned.
  3. Manually acquire one of new candles in a corresponding aperture in the engine. Having made sure that the candle is not warped in a carving, tighten it with demanded effort (at presence near at hand динамометрического a key). For simplification of procedure наживления candles pull on its shaft a piece of a flexible fuel hose. The probability of failure of a carving as at the slightest закусывании the hose will start to be turned simply is thus excluded. Operating in a similar manner, establish all remained candles.
  4. Installation is made upside-down. Spark plugs tighten with effort of 25 Nanometers, and bolts of fastening of cover ВВ of wires - with effort of 8 Nanometers.

Features for engines DOHC of 1.0 and 1.2 l


  1. Remove the ignition module (see the Head of System of an electric equipment of the engine).
  2. Turn out spark plugs a candle key.
  3. Installation is made upside-down.