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Since 1993-2000 of release

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Opel Corsa B, Combo, Tigra
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      Dismantling, check and assemblage of an amortisation rack
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Dismantling, check and assemblage of an amortisation rack



  1. Remove an amortisation rack. Components of assemblage a rack are presented on an accompanying illustration.

Assemblage of an amortisation rack

1 — the Washer
2, 3 — Samokontrjashchajasja a nut
4 — the Plate of the top support
5 — the Basic bearing
6 — the Prorate

7 — the Top cup of a spring
8 — Dempfirujushchee a ring
9 — the Spring
10 — the Shock-absorber
11 — the Buffer of a course of compression
12 — the Cover

  1. Compress a spring by means of the special adaptation approximately on 10 mm so that it was possible to turn a hand the top support of a rack.

Insert the adaptation into spring coils so that they have been reliably captured also the adaptation could not slide off. The spring should be compressed necessarily in two, and it is better - in three opposite points. The spring is compressed with the big effort, therefore it is necessary to apply only the reliable adaptation. At all do not compress a spring a wire. It is possible to give a nut of fastening of a rod of the shock-absorber only at the compressed spring.

  1. Give самоконтрящуюся a nut on a shock-absorber rod, keeping a rod from проворачивания for шестигранник.

Отдавание самоконтрящейся nuts on a shock-absorber rod

Do not give a nut by means of a percussion instrument not to damage a sealing ring of a rod.

  1. Remove from a rod of the shock-absorber a plate and the basic bearing with the prorate.
  2. Remove from the shock-absorber the top cup of a spring with демпфирующим a ring.
  3. Slowly ослабьте a spring also remove it together with a cover.
  4. Remove from a rod of the shock-absorber the buffer of a course of compression.

Check and assemblage


  1. Check up the shock-absorber. For this purpose, keeping the shock-absorber vertically, check up serviceability of its functioning, both on full, and on short (50 100 mm) to a rod course. In both cases resistance should be soft, equal and constant. At revealing of signs of malfunction it is necessary to make replacement of both shock-absorbers.
  2. Check up rubber details of a support and a spring on presence of cracks and deformations, if necessary replace defective parts.
  3. Establish on a shock-absorber rod the new buffer of compression.
  4. Put on a rod a casing.
  5. Establish a spring on the bottom cup and compress the special adaptation.

The spring end should adjoin to the bottom cup.

The bottom end of a spring should rest against a stopper of the cup
  1. Establish демпфирующее a ring and the top cup. The spring cup should be imposed so that the adjusting aperture (an arrow below) has been located opposite to the bottom fastening of an amortisation rack (the marksman above).

Dempfirujushchee ring and the top cup

  1. Put on a rod of the shock-absorber the prorate, the basic bearing and a plate of the top support and fix new самоконтрящейся a nut. Tighten a nut with effort of 55 Nanometers.
  2. Unload a spring.
  3. Establish into place an amortisation rack (the Section the Forward suspension bracket see).