Opel Corsa B, Combo, Tigra

Since 1993-2000 of release

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Opel Corsa B, Combo, Tigra
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- Manual 5-step box of a gear change
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Adjustment of a drive of a gear change

The mechanism of a gear change demands adjustment in case separate transfers do not join, at coupling inclusion the chosen transfer "comes off" or if its elements were replaced. All transfers should join easily both at the motionless car, and at the working engine and the squeezed out pedal of coupling.

Components of the mechanism of a drive of a gear change


  1. Establish РКПП in neutral position. Поддомкратьте the car also establish it on props.
  2. Turn out a bolt of fastening of a rod of the lever of a gear change.

Lock скоба and a socket of e/conducting Д/В of lanterns of a backing

  1. Turn out a stopper from an adjusting aperture of a cover of the mechanism of gear change РКПП.

Stopper of an adjusting aperture

  1. Turn a rod to the left so that for adjustment it was possible to enter into an aperture against the stop tool OPEL-KM-527-A. Instead of the specified tool it is possible to enter a drill in diameter of 5 mm.

On cars from 09.1995 of release in the specified place there is a pin with a spring. Ask the assistant to press and hold the specified pin.

  1. Disconnect a cover of the lever of a gear change and cast away it upwards.
  2. Move the gear change lever in neutral position to the left so that apertures in a lath of the lever of switching and in the lever case were combined.
  3. In this position clamp a collar with effort of 15 Nanometers.
  4. Take out tool KM-527-A and close an adjusting aperture a new stopper.
  5. Lower a cover of the mechanism of a gear change and fix it.
  6. Lower the car on the earth.
  7. Include by turns all transfers, in the presence of difficulties repeat adjustment.
  8. Be passed on the car and check up ease of a gear change and if necessary repeat adjustment.